Gaca Circulars and Important Information Circular

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Temporary Ban on Importing bee colonies from the State of Italy to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Activation Of SCATANA Allowable quantity of fruits Alkoro GACA Circular R-23A-2012 Importing Aviation Products to the KSA GACA Circular R-24-2012 Sign & Placards Language Requirements GACA Circular R-26-2013 Special Rules for Millitary Pilot GACA Circular R-28-2015 Flight & Duty Limitation and Rest Requirements for Flight Crew Member GACA Circular R-29-2015 Pilot License Validation / Conversion GACA Circulars R-25-2012 Importation Certification and Operational Requirements for light Sport Aircraft GACA Regulation Circular No R-21A-2011 GACA Regulation Circular No R-33-2015 Ground Service Provider Work Permit GACAR Circular R-1-2009 An Introduction to GACA Regulations GACAR Circular R-10-2010 Service Difficulty Reporting GACAR Circular R-11-2010 Requirements for Additional Equipments GACAR Circular R-12-2010 Preiodic Determination of W&B GACAR Circular R-13A-2015 Human Factor Princilpes GACAR Circular R-14-2010 Continuing Airworthiness Resposibilites GACAR Circular R-15A-2010 Safety Managment System GACAR Circular R-16-2010 STC Holder Responsibilities for Data Retention GACAR Circular R-17-2010 Compliance Enforcement Policy GACAR Circular R-18-2010 Appeals Policy GACAR Circular R-20A-2010 Aircraft Wet Lease GACAR Circular R-22A-2011 FOREIGN OPERATORS REQUIRMENTS GACAR Circular R-2A-2009 Index to GACA Regulations Revised Intouction GACAR Circular R-3-2009 Implementation of the Chigaco Convention Article 83 bis GACAR Circular R-9-2010 Documents Onboard GACAR Circular R4/ 2009, Code Sharing GACAR Circular R5/ 2009, Aircraft Interception GACAR Circular R6/ 2009, Aircraft Equipment GACAR Circular R7/ 2009, Exemption to Regulations GACAR Circular R8/ 2009, Aircraft Documents Pilot Qualification GACA Circular R-27-2015
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2013-01 Techniques to reduce TCAS Resolution Advisories Airmen Licenses/Certificates Validity Period Appointment of Airport Coordination Australia (ACA) to coordinate slots at all KSA airports Arrival of number of Saudi citizens to the State of Philippines and refusal of their entry by Manila Airport authorities for not having tickets with them in accordance with the Philippines laws Cancellation of Hajj visa sticker issued by the Saudi Arabian Embissies and validation of information via MFOA website Cancellation of Umrah visa sticker issued by the some Saudi Arabian reprisintitive Coordinate with coalition forces for Humanitarian and MIDIVAC activity to-from the Republic of Yemen Disinsection of (mosquito) on board of aircraft operating to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia from countries infected with Zika virus English Language Proficiency (ELP) Exemption of certain passengers from Airport Building Charges (ABC) for international flights Facilitation the travel procedures of the beneficiaries of the national campaign period to track and control those who violates the residency and employment system and border security Fire Prevention Regulations for Facilities. Part One, Third Edition 2016 Flying from/to Qatar instructions (Part 1) Flying from/to Qatar instructions (Part 2) Freight and cargo handling contracts for Cargo aircraft at KAIA, KKIA and KFIA GACAR Part 61 Airmen Ground/Flight Instructors GACAR Part 66 Airmen License/Certificate Ground handling contracts at airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Importance of referring to (911) as an emergency number for the security authorities in Makkah Al Mukarramah Region, which should be emphasized by writing it on boarding passes for all Flights to the Jeddah and Taif governorates. Issuance of Customer Protection Regulation Management of Aircaft Operating TO-FROM Class G Airspace New GACARs Coming into force date 01 March 2016 Obligation compliance by airlines to send the latest version of (PNRGOV) Operating an Aircraft without Pilot Permit Operational use of the new Taxiways and East Apron at OEMA - Mad Passengers Information Statements Payment of Outstanding Charges. Perceiving Saudi Citizens traveling to Arab Countries and other countries with the required remaining period in the passport Perceiving citizens traveling to the Gulf cooperation council countries (GCC) with the national identity card, to ensure the solidity of the identity card and its validity before travel Prohibition of sending Passenger Name Record (PNR) and Departure Control System (DCS) to any state before obtaining an approval from General Authority of Civil Aviation Recognition of passports of citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United State of America as being valid for six months beyond the stated expiry date Reminder circular regarding Airport Building Charger (ABC) for international flights Restriction on entry of Cola (Goro) Nuts in large quantities SER ASSD SURVEY-01 - Aerodrome Survey Requirements - Edition 1 Sending Passenger information (APP/PNR) to the Passenger Registration System at the Ministry of Interior Sending Passengers Information for Private Flight THE FLW ATC ROUTES ARE AVBL WI THE ACT SCATANA AREA Temporary Ban on Importing bee colonies from state of Sao Paulo,BR Temporary Ban on Importing bee colonies from the State of Italy to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Temporary Ban on Importing live Catfish from Zimbabwe to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Temporary Ban on Importing live prawns from the state of Australia to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia