Domestic Airports

The Domestic airports provide their services to a wide range of citizens and residents, including (23) Airport distributed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and there are 10 airports  running international flights to regional neighboring countries, beside 13 other airports for domestic flights only .


Domestic Airports Vision of the General Authority of Civil Aviation
System for Commercial Model Airports


Domestic Airports Mission of the General Authority of Civil Aviation
Establishing, developing and maintaining airports through the ideal utilization of resources and managing them by qualified personnel to guarantee safety, security and satisfaction of their users and boost their revenues

Goals and Tasks:

Boosting the income, reducing operational and investment costs and achieving the financial creditworthiness:
  • Reviewing the existing terms of salaries and rents applicable in airports and compared them with the ones applicable in neighboring countries.
  • Developing the existing investment channels and searching for new channels for airports
  • Reviewing the investment and operational contracts for the  airports to reduce costs
  • Adopting the concept of professional management of projects at the airports
  • Optimal use of airport spaces  
  • Finding appropriate  mechanisms to procure liquidity necessary to spend on non-commercial activities
Securing capital and current expenditures for non-commercial activities:  
  • Satisfying and collecting wages in airports
  • Outsourcing some of the commercial activities of the airports to reduce costs
  • Coordination with the relevant government authorities to develop a mechanism to adopt a separate budget for non-commercial activities followed by airports
  • Benefiting from the season air traffic and expanding international flight to boost the revenue
  • Developing the commercial services at airports and adding new services to raise the level of income
  • Finding mechanisms to provide liquidity necessary to spend on non-commercial activities
Development of the air transport market
  • Developing the air traffic movement at airports
  • Developing the cargo movement at airports
  • Developing the central aviation movement central for the international airports
  • Reviewing the level of wages and rents to attract seasonal movement of international trips to stimulate the air transport market at airports
  • Building new airports in Kingdom regions which have not been serviced to achieve a balanced development in the areas of Kingdom to serve the citizens and residents.
Development of systems and procedures
  • Reviewing and developing price structures and regulatory frameworks at airports
  • Reviewing developing systems, manuals and  procedures at airports to reach the world level
  • Introducing the concept of the economic feasibility to the airport systems and manuals
  • Applying the ERP system at airports
Raising the level of strategic partnership with the private sector
  • Expansion of the strategic partnership with the private sector to diversify sources of income and financial resources at airports.
  • The development of airport cities
Raising the level of commercial services and activities
  • Developing  the non-navigational activities to reach the world international at the airports and
  • Raising  the level of customer satisfaction according to the latest world standards in airports
  • Converting international airports to hub airports
  • Developing facilities at airports as needed
  • Applying the principles of commercial operation of airports
Achievement of world quality standards
  •  Developing, preparing, and applying the safety and quality standards at airports
  • Participating in international programs to measure the performance and quality of services provided at the airports to make the required comparison and specify the customer satisfaction rate for the quality of the services provided
  • Raising the level of general satisfaction with the services provided at the airports, following up works that would affect that, and answering the customer complaints and inquiries.
  • Supporting  specific quality units at and activating its role
Raising the level of operational services and facilities
  • Managing, operating and maintaining the infrastructure and core equipments of airport facilities according to the best world practices
  • Making development studies for the multimedia stations and logistic supporting service centers at the airports
  • Working to attract international companies and outsourcing the management of airports to the
Development infrastructure, facilities and equipments
  • Establishing an infrastructure capable of meeting the increasing needs
  • Studying and developing multimodal transport in airports
  • Integrated and comprehensive planning for the air transport infrastructure in airports
  • Expanding the development of the airports and their existing facilities to meet the growth of air traffic
  • Strengthening the work of planning and logistics supporting to transport in Hajj season at concerned airports
  • Developing the Hajj and Umrah services at concerned airports
Raising the safety level at workplace 
  • Developing capacities of basic safety functions at airports
  • Applying Safety Management System SMS at airports and follow up its implementation
  • Preparing work manuals to help employees to achieve safety, along with the penalty of non-compliant parties art airports 
  • Intensify inspection tours at work site at airports to ensure the compliance with international regulations and instructions
Achieving the maximum aviation security level
  • Strengthening the security procedures in the airports, according to the National Civil Aviation Security Program
  • Working with the Central Aviation Security department to implement the integral national project for the security and protection in airports
  • Preparing work manuals to help employees to achieve aviation safety along with the penalties on non-compliant parties in airports
  • Intensifying tour inspection at work sites in the airports to ensure the compliance with international regulations and instructions
Ideal investment of human resources
  • Attracting specialized competencies to the sector
  • Developing the capacities of the sector employees through specialized training programs
Achievement of national and world standards for environment protection
  • Applying the national and world standards for environment protection in airports
  • Attracting the competent staff to the airports specialized in the field of the environment, and commissioning them with the specialized training
  • Developing follow-up mechanisms to ensure the application of environment standards and instruction in the airports.
  • Providing facilities and equipments at the airports necessary for evaluating the environmental effectsDepartment Affiliated to Domestic Airports

Department Affiliated to Domestic Airports

  • Engineering Services Department
  • Maintenance Department
  • Supporting Services Department
  • Operations Department
  • Property and Commercial Development Department
  • Safety and Quality Assurance Department
  • Strategic Planning Department
  • Financial Affairs Department

Services Provided:

Operations Department
  • ­Permit application for employee car parking areas
  • Application for Follow-me services, accompaniment within the aviation space and location changing
  • Application for plane engine inspection before take-off at the designated area
  • Permit application for boarding bridges maintenance/cleaning
  • Permit application for using fuel filling points
  • Permit application of plane spraying
  • Permit application for using G/A Apron for big or unregistered planes.
  • Training the internal and external sectors on fire-fighting and first aid
  • Fire protection consultation
  • Moving patient passengers from and to the airplane
  • Service of reserve preparation
  • Application for opening offices
  • Registering complaints/notices
  • Reporting accidents and violations
Property and Commercial Development Department
  • ­Applying for renting lands/buildings/spaces/offices
  • Renting lands, buildings or commercial facilities
  • Managerial and technical support and follow-up of lessee requests
  • Applying for commercial advertisements (through commercial investor GC/DECO)
  • Attracting/operating commercial services
  • Issuing permits for taxi working at the airport (though both the Department and the airport)
  • Inquiry service for a commercial space (through commercial investor GC/DECO)

Safety and Quality Assurance Department
  • ­Permit application for car entry to the Royal Hall
  • Issuing permit for operating the passenger boarding bridge.
  • Issuing driving licenses within the aviation space
  • Applying for retrieving the security cards and driving licenses within the aviation space due to violations.
  • Applying for accident reports
  • Issuing security card (new card – changing/adding areas)
  • Issuing security card (replacements for damaged or lost)
  • Issuing entry permit (vehicle/equipment) to the airport area (new – renewal – change zones)
  • Issuing entry permit (vehicle/equipment) to the airport area (replacements for damaged/lost)
  • Applying for temporary entry permit (vehicle/equipment) to the airport facilities.
  • Issuing entry permit for equipment/materials/tools/machines to the airport facilities.

Duties & Responsibility:

Engineering Service Department
  • ­Participating in putting plans and designs for the domestic airport facilities
  • Participating in choosing the locations of the new airports
  • Preparing the technical specifications and conditions of performing the projects
  • Providing consultations to establish the investment sites in the domestic airport
  • Supervising the evaluation of navigational obstacles around all the airports and landing airfields.
  • Evaluating and rating the designs for developing the rental facilities
  • Preparing the estimated budget for establishing all the airport facilities
  • Supervising the training and qualifying for the national staff to develop the skills and capacities of the engineers.
  • Preparing periodic reports on the achievements and activities of the management and providing the suggestions necessary for enhancing work and submitting them to the acting assistant.
  • Any other functions assigned within its capacity.

Maintenance Department
  • ­planning and supervising the maintenance and operation works in the domestic airports.
  • Providing regular maintenance and operation services in the domestic airports in coordination with the concerned bodies.
  • Studying and performing the enhancement works in the domestic airports
  • Preparing and updating the maintenance and operation contracts for the domestic airports including specifications and terms. Putting quantity schedule and quotations in coordination with the concerned bodies in the Authority.
  • Studying the maintenance and operation contracts in coordination with the concerned bodies to contribute to enhance the service level in the domestic airport.
  • Evaluating the facilities and service of operation and preparing their development program in coordination with the concerned departments.
  • Contributing to technical analyzing of the bids for maintenance and operation contracts, and submitting recommendations to the concerned bodies.
  • Following up the maintenance and operation works to ensure the performance quality.
  • Preparing periodic reports on the achievements and activities of the department, and submitting the suggestions required to enhance works to the deputy assistant.
  • Determining the department needs of labor and materials and following up their provision.
  • Any other functions assigned within its capacity.

Supporting Services Department
  • ­Managing the effective achievement and realization of the technical and administrative objective of the Department, through the leadership and guidance of the Department, determining individual goals, performance management, and developing and motivating the staff.
  • Supervision of the recruitment process by the Department of Human Resources, with a view to ensure the recruitment of qualified and experiences persons in the vacant posts, and follow-up of the operations of the human resources planning and development, such as studying and identifying the training needs and working on the implementation of the annual training plan of the annual training within the specified time frame, and developing staff and appraising their performance, developing the career path and management talents in coordination with the concerned departments of human resources sector, with following-up the performance of such processes.  
  • Supervising the annual, sick, causal leave process for staff of airports, departments of the sector, and making sure that the employees enjoy their due holidays only. Supervising the related administrative units and coordinating between such units to ensure proper performance.
  • Overseeing the performance of the operating systems used in the sector.
  • Overseeing the performance of the local network and its efficiency of work, and linking the departments and airports within the computer network in coordination with the information technology sector to provide the devices, accessories and systems.
  • Supervising the taking of all the actions necessary to secure data systems and ensuring the safe use of equipment, devices and data according to the policies and procedures of the Authority.
  • Coordinating with the competent departments (Maintenance, Property, Facilities Engineering, and Operations) for the preparing, formulating, and legally approving the different types of employments according to the Regulations of the General Authority of Civil Aviation.
  • Ensuring the application of regulations, decrees and circulations in relation with preparing and implementing the government tenders.
  •  Overseeing the effectiveness of the material storage according to the procedures manual for warehouse management and contributing to develop such procedures to enhance the work efficiency.
  • Following up the customer remarks and ensuring addressing them by the concerned body.
  • Any other functions assigned within its capacity.

Operations Department
  • Pursuing the realization of strategic goals of the domestic airports
  • Contributing to the development of operational plans for the domestic airports in coordination with the departments of domestic airports.
  • Following-up to the implementation of the operational plans for the domestic airports.
  • Supervising the implementation of the projects and programs adopted for the domestic airports.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of coordination among the various domestic airports and all relevant sectors and departments within the Authority.  
  • Ensuring the application of the security rules and standards consistent with international and local standards for the domestic airports.
  • Ensuring the efficiency of procedures for the passenger movement at the terminals of the domestic airports.
  • Inspecting the area facilities to ensure the efficiency of operating in the domestic airports.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the complaints from the users of the domestic airports and processing them in accordance with the regulations and measures of operating the airports.
  • Making periodic reports on the achievements and activities of the Department, and presenting such suggestions required to develop work and submitting them to the deputy assistant.
  • Determining the needs of the Department of manpower and required materials, and following-up their provision.  
  • Measures of inspections for the airport main elements (runway, open areas, roads, halls) and supervising the different air operators to ensure compliance with the safety standards and to enhance the effectiveness of passenger movements.
  • Preparing the schedules for airlines in accordance with time cells available at airports and submitting them to the IT Department to display on the information screen system with ensuring their accuracy.
  • Building close relations with the users of airports (airline, governmental bodies, operators and lessee)
  • Monitoring air movement in airports and incorporating it into the database system and preparing statistical reports on the Passenger movement and flights for the domestic airports.  
  • Coordinating with domestic airports and the department of permits regarding applications submitted to run private and military flights.
  • Study the growth rate of flight and passenger movement in the domestic airports.
  • Following-up and running airlines flights.
  • Preparing and updating the operational manual for the domestic airports.
  • Reviewing flight manual and coordinating with the sector of air navigation services to add amendments.
  • Following-up the reports of the facilitation committees in the domestic airports and taking the required actions stated in them.
  • Developing and ensuring the performance and operation in fire services in the domestic airports.
  • Applying such standards, rules and criteria to maintain the level of fire protection in the domestic airports.
  • Work on providing the fire protection requirements.
  • Assessing the fire protection level according to operating hours and to take the necessary measures when needed.
  • Working on raising the performance level for personnel working in training and technical qualification through courses and heading the work.
  • Maintaining equipment performance level, and providing the fire fighting materials to ensure that the level of fire protection in the domestic airport will not decline.
Financial Affairs Department
  • Supervising the billing management and collection of airport rentals from the various government bodies, commercial airlines and lessees, and supervising the due payments of the Maintenance and Facilities Engineering and Operation Departments.
  • Supervising the bank accounts and the closure of the monthly and annual activities, preparing the annual financial statements, participating in preparing the budget of the domestic airports and ensuring the ideal realization of the budget.
Property and Commercial Development Department
  • Evaluating, planning and developing business and commercial capacities of the domestic airports through three sources of income:
  1. Commercial stores, passenger services and commercial advertisement
  2. Property services and ground and air services
  3. Developing passenger and shipping movement.
  • Submitting regular reports to the director regarding the achieved progress in relation with the development plans, along with reports on developing movement and commercial performance in the domestic airports.
  • Managing the process of attracting, choosing and managing the contractual and commercial relationship with corporate and lessees.
Safety & Quality Assurance Department
  • Periodic inspection of the airports and ensuring the application of the requirements and procedures necessary for environment protection of the environment, according to the standards adopted locally and internationally, and disseminating  the environment protection culture though holding workshops and preparing journals and studies, and circulating them to the Kingdom airports.
  • Checking on the safety requirements and procedures and applying their systems and criteria at the airfields. Checking entrances and exits and clearing the runways and corridors from the obstacles. Ensuring further the adherence of all service providers in the airfields with the safety adopted systems requirements adopted.
  • Preparing reports on accidents to identify with their reasons.
  • Ensuring the application of airport and helicopter runways safety requirements necessary for licensing airports, for the sake of maintaining the airplane and passenger safety according to the Authority criteria and the international criteria.
  • Following up the current and future project and ensuring that the progress of the projects is according to the international and local safety regulations.
  • Inspection of all the airport facilities and ensuring their compliance with the international and local adopted safety requirements and standards. Ensuring the compliance with systems, measures and plans guaranteeing the safety of personnel and property against fire, work injuries and accidents at the airport facilities.
  • Inspection of all the health centers, restaurants and buffets at the domestic airports and ensuring the application of required safety requirements according to the local and international criteria.
Strategic Planning Department
  • Managing the annual and strategic planning processes for the domestic airports, in coordination with the General Department of Strategic Planning & Development of the Authority.
  • Coordinating the development of the annual budget in consistency with the annual plan C domestic airports.
  • Assisting the departments and airports in putting goals and preparing plans.
  • Specifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) and preparing reports on operating and safety, and the commercial and financial performance for the airports.
Transition to an independent regulatory entity able to maximize its revenues and reducing investment and operational costs ‎
  • Completing the program of transforming the international airports to government companies
  • Outsourcing the operation and management of international airports to the private sector