King Abdulaziz International Airport IATA: JED - OACI: OEJN

King Abdulaziz International Airport (IATA: JED - OACI: OEJN) is the most important one in the Kingdom, being the gateway for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims to the Holy Mosque in Makkah. It is also home to the world’s fourth largest terminal in the world: the Hajj terminal, a whopping 510,000 square meters in size.


Airport Information


  • Operations and Fire Services
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Emergency, Ambulance and Public Health
  • Maintenance and Facilities
  • Engineering
  • Business Development and Properties
  • Strategic Planning
  • Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Security affairs
  • Royal Lounges
  • VIP Lounge (Executive Bureau)
  • Human Resources and Administrative Affairs
  • Finance
  • Central Services


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Fire and Rescue Services
  • There are eight fire stations within airport grounds, and one outside airport grounds for structural fires.
  • Emergency and ambulance services are available to all airport users.
  • Fire services are manned by 172 Saudi staffers.
  • Additionally, there are 196 technicians, firefighters, fire engine drivers, and paramedics, made available by the fire and rescue contractor.
Maintenance and Facilities
  • Oversee the scheduling and follow-up of the operation, maintenance and sanitation contractor’s work as per the contract, and the contractor’s compliance with international quality and safety standards.
  • Participate, support, and provide all equipment and manpower necessary for any and all emergencies at the airport.
  • Prepare documentation and terms of service pertaining to specifications for operation, maintenance and sanitation contracts.
  • Coordinate with all other departments at the airport on various technical and operational issues.
  • Participate in the evaluation of tenders, investment, and development projects by reviewing specifications and ensuring that they comply with the airport’s standards and specifications.
  • Prepare technical reports and studies about the current condition of systems and equipment at the airport, make recommendations, and estimate costs.
  • Coordinate with other departments and operators to find out their requirements and prepare documentation for project requests.
  • Determine the costs of projects, required funds for every financial year, and prepare feasibility and value engineering studies.
  • Prepare documentation for tenders of projects supervised by the department that serve operational requirements.
  • Conduct technical evaluations of project tenders and offers and participate in issuing commencement notices.
  • Manage and supervise projects.
  • Conduct qualitative studies needed to determine current and future needs so as to ensure that facilities stay in operational order.
  • Explore and implement the best possible methods to connect systems and supply networks.
  • Provide technical and engineering support, information, studies and blueprints of facilities required by any and all operators at the airport.
  • Follow up, coordinate and review projects conducted by tenants and investors and ensure that all work is done in accordance with Tender Development Regulations (TDR)
  • Review environmental compliance studies and reports.
Business Development and Properties
  • Initiate and offer investment opportunities that are attractive to business partners.
  • Initiate and offer precise services for both the facilities department and for tenant-operated facilities.
  • Evaluate business case studies presented by current and possible investors on possible business opportunities at King Abdulaziz International Airport.
  • Encourage and coordinate marketing campaigns for current and future business opportunities, in cooperation with the government and private sectors.
Strategic Planning
  • Prepare, approve, review, and update the airport’s strategic plan, in cooperation with the Authority’s head office.
  • Prepare, review, and update performance indicators originating from the plan, its objectives and its initiatives.
  • Coordinate with the Central Planning Department on projects to work them into the strategic plan.
  • Coordinate with the Finance Department when preparing the annual budget to ensure that it reflects the objectives and initiatives within the strategic plan.
  • Collect, process and analyze the airport’s monthly air traffic data (passengers, freight and aircraft) to handle issues and loopholes, and provide support to the Finance and Properties departments on billing and issuing financial reports based on that data.
Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Ensure the correct implementation of ICAO’s airport safety standards and regulations.
  • Implement the Authority’s airport safety standards and procedures.
  • Oversee the airport’s safety programs and systems.
  • Follow up on and implement all operational safety procedures and programs at the airport.
  • Audit and review all businesses that operate at the airport.
  • Issue and renew driving permits within aircraft stands.
  • Follow up on the processing, handling and releasing of hazardous materials coming into the airport and ensure that they do not accumulate.
  • Conduct safety programs, such as Safety Management System programs, safety campaigns, vehicle and equipment inspections, and audits.
  • Oversee security at the airport and ensures that all individuals, businesses and institutions operating at the airport comply with the directives of the National Civil Aviation Security Program.
  • Detect and identify security loopholes at the airport through continuous field inspections at buildings and of equipment, so as to ensure compliance with procedures, report any and all violations, and handle security loopholes in cooperation with concerned parties.
  • Review the regulations and procedures governing any and all individuals and entities operating at the airport, and report any actions that violate regulations and directives in ways that compromise security and operations.
  • Review security clearance and ID badge applications for individuals and equipment, and forward them to the concerned security institutions to process them.
  • Handle security issues through coordination with security institutions on a daily basis so as to ensure compliance with the directives and decisions of security committees.
  • Provide adequate security equipment and procedures to ensure the appropriate operational efficiency that meets the requirements of security institutions operating at the airport.
  • Coordinate with security institutions operating at the airport on implementing directives for the airport, in order to bring security readiness up to the required levels and pass on security information to concerned parties.
  • Ensure that institutions operating at the airport provide an adequate number of qualified security officers as per the instructions of the National Civil Aviation Security Program.
  • Handle secretariat work for the preparatory security committee, issue invitations for regular and emergency meetings as needed, prepare meeting minutes, and follow up on the implementation of recommendations therein.
  • Coordinate and oversee the visits of national and international surveying and security inspection committees to the airport.
Royal Lounge
  • Ensure the readiness of royal lounges before and during the arrival and departure of leaders and state guests, manage and operate aircraft stands at the lounges, and supervise the pausing and commencement of air traffic.
  • Oversee maintenance, operation and sanitation contracts for royal launges, manage development projects, and prepare and write documentation and specifications for contracts.
  • Coordinate with concerned government and security institutions on preparations for official celebrations, the reception of state guests, and private flights, and prepare a program for each individual event as per protocol.
  • Prepare and dispatch reports on flights to the Authority and the government.
  • Prepare the annual budget requirements needed to carry out the department’s tasks.
  • Prepare monthly and annual reports.
  • Ensure compliance with national and international aviation regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with safety, security and quality regulations to maintain the safety of users and property.
VIP Lounge (Executive Bureau)
  • GVIP: Crown princes, princes, government ministers, and those with similar distinctions, as per the Authority’s regulations.
  • CVIP: individuals who may obtain services from the Executive Bureau for a subscription fee.
  • Out of the Authority’s keenness to provide the best possible services, the operation of executive bureaus has been delegated to Meeza International for Tourism and Services Ltd., and officials from the Authority are always at hand.
Central Services
  • Contribute to and participate in developing basic technical services at the airport, supervise the development of infrastructure, and provide basic resources for it.
  • Provide technical support to the airport and its users.
  • Offer technical advisories and prepare technical documentation for projects.
  • Coordinate with concerned parties on flight and airport data as pertains to online interconnectivity.
  • Explore public opinion trends concerning the airport and the services it provides.
  • Arrange media interviews and prepare press releases.
  • Coordinate celebrations, events, and conferences.
  • Provide legal advisories concerning the airport’s operations and contracts, and settle disputes in accordance with concerned regulations and directives.
  • Provide legal representation for all court cases, provide prosecution and defense statements, and coordinate with other departments on claims for the purposes of preparing legal notices.
  • Give legal input on administrative disputes between employees or between employees and investors, conduct investigations, and take legal action after investigations have been concluded.
  • Run the integrated call center (new contract)


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