Issuance of a Repair Station Certificate for Domestic Applicants under GACAR 145 (Initial)


This service allows domestic beneficiaries to apply for Repair Station Certification.

Domestic applicants
المتطلبات الأساسية
النماذج المطلوبة
الوثائق المطلوبة
1.Transmittal letter
2.Copy of the proof of fee payment
3.Copy of FAA / EASA certificates
4.Statement of compliance with GACA FAR Part 145
5.Capability listing with revision date and number
6.Repair station and quality control manual developed in accordance with GACA FAA advisory circular 145 – 9.
7.Training Manual developed in accordance with GACA FAA advisory circular 145 – 9
8.Copy of management Resumes
9.Copy of training on same rating(s) applied
10.Copy of valid GACA Mechanic License
11.Copy of adequate experience on same rating(s) applied
12.List of current maintenance providers or providers that will be contracted. This shall include copies of their certificates and capability listing
13.Copy of the last audit performed and reported by an external auditor
14.Statement of Perceived Need for R/S.
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الاحكام والشروط
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