Passenger's Obligations

For a pleasant flight, we kindly ask you to take a look at the passenger's obligations below:

1- Reading the rights of customers mentioned in the customer protection rights regulation with regard to the passenger rights in case of cancellation / delay of flights, denied boarding, travel class downgrade, damage / delay / loss of luggage ... etc.
2- To review the terms and conditions of the air transport contract before completing your bookings with the airline - for example, not exclusively - the conditions for canceling, changing and the validity of the reservation, the conditions for transporting the pregnant woman, the infant, the people with reduced mobility ... etc.
3- Commitment to complete all travel documents and requirements, such as obtaining a lawful visa from the competent authorities of the country of arrival or transit, if any.
4- Disclose any passenger's needs - if any - and pre-arrange them in agreement with the air carrier, such as a request for a wheelchair, a mobile crane, a medical stretcher, an oxygen tube, and other special assistance.
5- Commitment to attend the airlines offices to end the travel procedures and boarding gates at the times that the air carrier announces them, and to follow its instructions in this regard.
6- See conditions for transporting luggage such as permitted free luggage, excess baggage fees, and contents of shipped luggage. The carrier's instructions must be followed regarding valuable belongings such as jewelry, cash, smart devices, or important documents and papers, such as passports, certificates, bank cards, etc., where they should be in the possession of the passenger or within the carry-on baggage.