Airline's Obligations

For a pleasant flight, we kindly ask you to take a look at the airline’s obligations below:
  1. Commitment to reliability and transparency when announcing the trips and services provided by airline.
  2. Announcing the terms and conditions of the transportation contract on board, and announcing the compensation policies and procedures in a prominent place in the sales offices, airports, the carrier's website and its social media sites.
  3. Clarify all stops at the flight path, whether on the same plane or other aircraft, as well as the flight lines that will actually operate the flight in the event that there is more than one carrier under a contract or in alliances between the carrier and the transactions in the agreement.
  4. Clarify the price of the ticket when the customer makes the reservation, such as the base rate, the value of the added tax, and any other fees for any additional services. The carrier must also clarify the charges incurred by the customer due to his request to change or amend his reservation.
  5. Inform all travelers on their flights of the amendments that occur to flights from canceling or delaying and provide care, support and compensation stipulated in the customer protection regulation to protect the rights of customers in such cases.
  6. The air carrier must put in place a declared mechanism for receiving complaints, responding to them, and providing the customer with a reference number.